Our approach to planning, communication with people and our day to day operations is based on the following simple mantra:

Your goals are our mandate

Your success is our mission

Our experience is your guarantee

Our promise is excellence

We have been advising people like you since 1987. We have answered questions, like the questions you have, countless times. We have helped our clients accumulate, retire, enjoy their life goals and help their families achieve financial well being.

We know what you're thinking:

  • How can I pay less taxes now and at retirement?
  • Is what I have accumulated, enough?
  • Do I clearly understand my current investment portfolio? Am I maximizing my return on investment?
  • How can I manage my corporate affairs and pay minimum tax?
  • How long will the money last and will I be able to maintain my lifestyle?
  • What is a tax-efficient estate plan?
  • What happens to my retirement income if low interest rates persist?
  • Is my estate (loved ones) protected from heavy taxation?
  • Will my plans to protect my heirs, be carried out as I desire?
  • Does my current financial plan give me clear direction to where I am heading? 
  • Am I missing out on investment opportunities?

Here are few issues we often come across:

Most people: 

  • do not have a written, current financial plan
  • do not have a properly diversified portfolio
  • pay more taxes than they should
  • don't have a tax-efficient estate plan
  • are not properly protected against the unexpected
  • overpay for insurance or are underinsured
  • rarely re-balance their portfolio (miss opportunities)
  • still base their future success on guesswork or market timing
  • have too much complexity in their finances and seek simplification

We know that you have questions about money and planning your finances. 
There are things you know, things you don't know and things you don't know you don't know!

If you want to be certain about where your finances are taking you.
If you have a plan but you are not sure about its thoroughness....

Let's discuss