Here is what you need to know about our confidential first meeting:

1. The goal of the first meeting is:

a) to understand "if" and "how" we can help you. 
b) to provide you with a preliminary assessment, if possible.
c) to clarify your goals & concerns.
d) to mutually decide if it makes sense to proceed towards creating a financial plan for you.

2. Here is what we will not do:

a) we will not discuss any particular financial products (it is premature).
b) we will not make any changes to your existing situation except if it is urgent (example: last minute RSP contribution).
c) we will not have the time to analyze, on the spot, your portfolio statements, tax returns, or any other documents, wills, POA etc.
d) you will not be charged for this meeting in any way. 

3. Here is a list of the documents you can bring with you to the meeting (bring as many as possible):

a) a copy of your latest tax return
b) a copy of your latest notice of assessment
c) employee benefit statement (if applicable)
d) pension statement (if applicable)
e) insurance policies (life, disability, critical illness, long-term care)
f)  mortgage details
g) loan details
h) non-registered investment statements, RRSP, TFSA and other investments
i)  your latest will and power of attorney / protection mandate
j)  your current lifestyle expenses (summary)

If incorporated you can bring:

a) Buy & sell agreement (if applicable)  
b) a diagram of your corporate structure (organigram) 
c) recent corporate balance sheet
d) recent statement of income & shareholder's equity
e) trusts
f)  corporate insurance(s)
g) IPP statement (if applicable)

Note: All information will be treated confidentially and you will leave with all your documents.